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Nicole Pusateri

Co-founder and Author

Nicole Mia Pusateri, MA, is an educator with more than twenty-five years of experience teaching children and working in administrative capacities in elementary schools across California. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. In conjunction with her experience working with children, colleagues, and families in public education, Nicole has spent the last fifteen years on a path of self-discovery. One result of her personal growth has been the realization of her unique gifts, talents, and abilities as an author and teacher.

Today, Nicole shares what she has learned as an educator and student of life through her writing. Her books aspire to assist parents, teachers, and caregivers in helping children grow and evolve so that their authentic selves can shine. Her wish is that all children embody unconditional love and acceptance of themselves, allow their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to emerge, and live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives where all of their dreams really do come true!

Michel Hales

Co-founder & Designer

Michel Hales, BFA is a designer with over thirty years of experience. As co-founder of Raising Conscious Children, LLC, she does a lot of the work behind the scenes. As an entrepreneur, running her own design business for over eight years, she also manages the majority of the business’s inner workings. In addition, she transforms the work Nicole writes into beautiful books and materials. The designs intend to convey our central mission; assisting parents, teachers, and caregivers in helping the children they love.

Her personal beliefs align with the concept of cultivating love from within as the first step in developing healthy relationships and living a life filled with abundance and joy. She is a Reiki Master, practices Kundalini Yoga, and participates in daily routines to facilitate her own evolution in consciousness.