visku’s wisdom series

visku’s wisdom

Join Visku, the wise dragonfly, on his magical adventures where he helps children learn life-changing lessons!

Visku’s Wisdom stories are excerpts from the Instructional Guide Series designed for teachers, parents, families, and the children they love. Each chapter within the Instructional Guides opens with a narrative told through the eyes of Visku, the wise dragonfly. Visku’s Wisdom provides a fun and engaging way to introduce critical concepts that help children grow and learn how to live a life filled with happiness and love.

Enjoy these stand-alone books with beautiful illustrations and let Visku guide you in teaching your children the life-changing concepts found within. Each book has a singular skill focus. As the plot unfolds, Visku helps a child learn what the skill is, why it is important, and how to apply the skill in their life.

Read each Visku’s Wisdom aloud to your children and let them revisit the book on their own as a way to reinforce the concepts as they develop strong, healthy, foundational relationships with themselves and others.

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